*Pursuing a Scientific approach to health based on the biological adaptations of human life*

🔅” *A Healthy Life” with Urvara Hygiene Life Society- * March month  4-DAY CAMP* Announcement🕊
🌻HEALTH EDUCATION& NATURE AWARENESS CAMP @ Pukayuni Natural Farm ,Josegiri, Kannur🌻
*Please read the message fully  and connect with us*

*This February lets together explore your health and well being in a pristine ambience. We will chart out new pathways to know more of lifestyle & health, diseases & causes, immunity & resistance, and healing & being*

Location : Pukayuni, in the hills of Josegiri( Near Thalakkaveri wild life sanctuary) is a 10 acre natural farm.

The farm is located close to the Thalakkavery Wildlife Sanctuary at an altitude of 2800 ft. It is a natural​ farm spread over ten acres abundant with a wide variety of fruit trees and vegetables, providing a homely atmosphere to experience the lush green of the mountainous high ranges of north Kerala. For those looking for peace, beauty and solitude, this will be the ideal place of your choice.

The farm atmosphere is kept ever cool throughout the year by the breeze from the Arabian sea filtered through the natural forest canopy in the Western Ghats. This is a convenient place for family, social and educational gathering. The farm is equipped with environment friendly amenities only like solar power, biogas etc. and it is a plastic & other Pollutant free zone.

*Dates: 4 P.M on March 10 ,2018 to 2 pm March 13, 2018*

*Classes*: Science(biology, ecology and sociology)based Experiential knowledge sharing from experts in the field of  Hygiene-Man’s Pristine Way of Life , Natural Farming, Natural learning and Ecology.

*Medium of Classes-Malayalam(English for those in need only*)

Resource persons:
Sanoop Narendran(Hygienist & Independent researcher), Anil Kumar (Sustainability activist & independent researcher on farming and Energy) , Anil Chalakkudy (Natural Farmer), Sreenivasan Nikunjam(Natural living & farming practioner)

*Activities: Natural body movement based Aerobics, Stretching & Strengthening exercise/Forest walks/Trekking/Bird watching /Cultural programmes etc*

Stay: Separate dorms for men and women

Contact: 9496856762
(Call and WhatsApp),7034484767,

*Come experience a renewed life into healing and well being in this promised land. Breathe in the fresh air , have pure natural food&water , experience the hills and the forest & a new way to life. You can learn the True Healing Art and can be self reliant in Health Care*

*You require prior registration to attend the camp*

Registration opens from today for upto 30 people. Register with Rs. 1000/- before January 31.

Account details follows:

*SB A/C NO: 67397523634*
*IFSC: SBIN0070680*

Camp Director
Sanoop Narendran
Hygiene Life Propagator & Trainer


✒An important note from the Camp Organisors.

1.  On completing registration, we will add you to the Urvara Hygiene Life Whatsapp group.  Do check out photographs from camp.
(see the fb profile of sanoopnarendran)
2. Total expenses of the camp is divided among the participants. (Includes food, stay,exercise, lectures , organisational costs)
For ages 22 & above: Fee is Rs. 3500/-.
For ages 2 to 4: Rs. 400/-
For ages 5 to 21: Rs 500/- to 2000/-

3. Experts are available to engage and take care of children 6 years and above.
5.Pukayuni has four separate rooms for families. When the registrations do not cross 25, we offer the rooms to the first three registrants at a special rate.
6.  We decided on the camp fee considering all aspects that come together to execute this program. There is no profit motive in its conception or execution. Funds are utilised for furthering Health science research and in environment restoration projects.
7. We are open to listen to your concern on camp fee if your situation is a genuine one. We are not open to debate for concessions on camp fees from affluent groups in society, particularly professionals, permanent income groups, government officials etc.
8. Do help to spread this information by sharing it in your fb,Whatsapp,among friends and peers if you feel drawn to it.

Urvara Hygiene Life Society

An organisation of Environmental& health activists and natural farmers to do research in health, sustainability& agriculture and propagate the message. The objective of the group is to make the society self reliant in health and lead a creative, meaningful and a sustainable life.

Pukayuni Farms, Mukkuzhi, Josegiri

How to reach.

From north ( Kasargod side)

Payyannur – (22Km)- Cherupuzha -(5Km)- Pulingome- (13Km)- Rajagiri-(3Km)-Josegiri.  (Total 45Km)

Nearest Railway station- Payyannur.
in between two hour interval, bus is available from Payyannur to Josegiri or frequently bus available up to Rajagiri, which is about 3 Km near to Josegiri.

From south ( Kannur side)

Kannur-(18Km)- Taliparamba -(24km)- Alakode- (10Km)-Kartikapuram -(2Km)-udayagiri- (3Km)- Arivilanjapoyil – (3Km)- Josegiri. (Total 60Km)

Nearest Railway station- Kannur.

At 1 PM  one KSRTC bus available directly from KSRTC Bus Stand @ 1.10 pm from Kannur old bus stand to Josegiri.

Otherwise frequent bus service is available up to Karthikapuram or in between one hour interval, bus is available up to Arivilanjapoyil.