There are but a few places where everything converges to make one’s getaway almost perfect and undoubtedly Pukayuni farm is one of those rare finds. The accommodation – a two-bedroom, cozy, well-equipped cottage – overlooks the misty hills and valleys. The food – authentic homemade Kerala cuisine cooked with fresh organic vegetables from the farm – is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner punctuated with ever-ready cups of chai and passion fruit juice.
Mr. Anil, the owner, always with a smile on offer, indulges one’s curiosity about Josegiri and his farm’s exotic and native organic fruit trees. He took us on a farm visit identifying to the uninitiated (like me) the various fruit trees that grow on his farm. Sour sop, star fruit, figs, sapotas, strawberries are plucked and offered to us and like children we bite into them safe with the knowledge that these fruits are not sheened with pesticides and chemicals.
Mr Anil also organised a trek up the hills where we found a chapel and a white cross looming large on the peak. On our return jaggery- coconut filled crepes and tea satiated our famished and tired bodies.
One comes away from Pukayuni farm with pure forest air commingled with the fruity breath of the farm in the lungs along with the knowledge that with organic farmers like Mr. Anil all is certainly well with the world, at least all is well at Pukayuni farm!ยท